Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Excitement Wears a Red Fez

I've taken my next step into watching more live-action science fiction with the latest iteration of Dr. Who. I've seen two episodes so far, “The Rebel Flesh” and “The Almost People”, which are airing up here on SPACE.

The theme and content of these episodes were pretty muddled, but I’m already completely sold on the series in at least this iteration, namely because of the Eleventh Doctor. I absolutely love his characterization: he's eccentric without being overbearing and artificial, and is quite capable of expressing other emotions, including an unnervingly clinical attitude. Such multiple facets in a single character are intriguing, and so is the promise of the series offering a wide variety of potential SF concepts.

Of course, this decision wasn't just made at random after watching Babylon 5 re-ignited my interest in live-action science fiction. I'd actually been building up an interest in the latest Dr. Who for quite a while, and yes, it was powered almost entirely by Matt Smith's quirkiness. A handful of clips and videos from various nerdy websites gradually warmed me to the possibility of liking the character. And what a character.

I'd acquired some basic knowledge of Dr. Who through pop-cultural osmosis, but this was the first time I'd been driven to seek it out. One thing that I'm embarrassed to mention, though, is that Matt Smith first stuck out in my mind because he bore a vague resemblance to one of my favourite obscure anime characters: Rori Dosel, from Super Dimensional Fortress Macross


Yes, one could poke many holes in this idea, including me. My logical brain tells me there's not that much of a physical resemblance and no personality resemblance (since Rori doesn't really have a personality) but I keep viscerally thinking, “That's Rori” whenever I look at Eleven. Oh, and looking at Amy Pond also brought to mind Shammy Milliome, another Macross character who was associated with Rori. But, since this series of Dr. Who already has a character named Rory (shocker!), maybe we could just call him Rico, which is Rori’s name in the Robotech dub. Confused yet? It’s a fun little chain of coincidence, and remains so, even if there is obviously more substance to my interest in Eleven.

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