Friday, September 13, 2013

True Confessions


Deep breath.

I know that this blog doesn't have much traffic, which is one reason that I let myself go, and go so long without saying anything. But that's no excuse: I should keep to principles even when nobody's watching.

So, this blog isn't dead yet, but I'm struggling with it. I have a lot of ideas for posts, including ones that I've promised since forever, but I've somehow lost the blogging mojo. For some reason, I keep finding other things to do, and the blog posts move to the bottom of the pile and never get touched. The main culprits:

1. I'm working on a novel. I have been for a while, but really trying to get the lead out for it, to this time produce something intelligble. Because of this, I have less time for other writing.

2. I'm also trying ever harder to find a job. This also takes up some of my time.

3. Tumblr. I've done a few blog-worthy posts to Tumblr, and am trying to keep the meta flowing instead of just posting pictures, but the format is easier for me to handle, since ittakes less time. But I also know this wouldn't be a problem if I had the energy for blog posts.

4. I'm making tiny steps towards trying to become a professional writer (while searching for a steady job), so my thoughts are turning to articles that might be publishable, instead of minutae that only I care about.

I'm not calling this the end, though. I'm still going to give it a try.

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