Wednesday, May 8, 2013

BayTurtles and Confessions

I can't get angry over Michael Bay's TMNT movie. I just don't care.

I don't think that makes me a better person, 'cause I've spent plenty of energy complaining about changes made to the Zentradi of Macross and other junk, and I don't regret that 'tall. If you don't get too fanatical about it, a dislike of changes to media adaptations is not something to necessarily be "above".

It's just that in this case, I can't feel any irritation, first because the movie is its own separate thing and won't have any tangible impact on other versions of the franchise. I can cut it away like a diseased part if I want to.

I know Michael Bay more by reputation than by direct viewing, 'cause it sounded like watching his movies would be a waste of time. I saw the first Transformers film, it was pretty boring (I was / am a huge TF fan, but again, it was its separate thing from the many versions of the franchise), and that kind of frat-boy action-movie stuff I don't have a taste for. Which further helps me to ignore what's going on with this film.

And I can't help but say it--if my favourite characters in the franchise are a (usually) black guy, and a (usually) rat who acts like a Japanese guy, then I especially want to ignore whatever Michael Bay would do with them, so that's further incentive.

To round out this post, I guess I'll have to confess that I'm also not that into the Nicktoons Turtles series. It's getting to the point where, and I don't say this lightly, I feel a little guilty: like, where is my sense of humour or my appreciation for entertaining action?

But it's just not doing it for me. I can't think of anything that really pisses me off, though I have some negative opinions—but it's just that I've never yet been deeply drawn into the comedy or the drama of this series. I enjoy its interpretations of Splinter and Baxter, my favourite characters, but they're not as compelling as other versions, and none of the other cast members rise to take their place. Yes, I know how much fans love Nicktoons Splinter, and he's fine, but he's not setting my world on fire.

I've seen every episode except for "Karai's Vendetta" which I still have to get to right now. It's not that I expected it all to be anything like the other eleven billion versions of the Turtles already there, that's for sure not the problem.

Meanwhile, I've got plenty of other things to keep me busy, like finishing reading the Mirage comics....

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