Friday, March 22, 2013

So I Wrote a Fanfic

Curse of the Fly

"Back on Earth, FW Baxter Stockman might have one last chance to get what he wants—if only he could remember exactly what that was. Unfortunately, he's ended up in the abode of Barney Stockman, who might rather see him exterminated...until he sees something that he could also get out of the encounter. No Shredder, no Turtles, just mad science and one serious case of sibling rivalry. Updated and expanded from an earlier posted story."

So I wrote myself a White Baxter story, to give the little twit some closure.

Obviously, this is based on the old cartoon, and I shot for accuracy where it worked. But I gave myself license to be a little more twisted than the old cartoon when I felt the story called for it, so it's not a total 1:1 match. On the other hand, I tried never to write something "gritty and adult".

I always tell myself never to simply give my favourite character everything he or she wants, because that would be too boring and sappy, and hopefully I've kept that convention intact here.

And I didn't make up Barney Stockman: he's something that actually existed in the old cartoon, though the episode he was in was pretty terrible.

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